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Residential complex Begovina

The Begovina residential complex in Stolac was built at the northeastern end of the city. It was built as an economic complex, with lodgings and large gardens, completely separated from the structure of the city into a separate unit that has no usual functional and morphological relationships with other parts of the city. In the urban conception of Begovina, the chimney of the captain’s family Rizvanbegović, there is respect for the natural terrain, the need for intimacy of each family, respect for neighboring houses and the desire to form a protected family territory. The size of the complex, the position in space and the preservation of buildings make Begovina one of the most beautiful and most important residential complexes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The architectural and residential unit of the Begovina complex consists of four parts, which also represent the gradation of the space from the public to the intimate, family part. The first, public part of the complex is the access road, the second part is the entrance or front or access yard with four buildings, then a semi-private courtyard and finally a private courtyard house for family life.

The third and fourth part of the complex, ie the semi-private courtyard and family houses, are surrounded by a high stone courtyard wall, which extends on three sides of the complex. The border, as well as the protection of the complex, on the fourth, western side, is the river Bregava. The peculiarity of the courtyard wall is the way it was finished. Namely, the last row of irregular stone is only laid on the wall structure. In that way, when trying to break into the complex over the wall, it was not possible to have a firm footing or enter without the noise made by the collapsed stones.

The architectural housing complex of the Begovina complex is developing in the northwest-southeast direction, with a slight shift to the east. The terrain on which the complex developed is relatively narrow, about 25 m and elongated, about 180 m. The Begovina complex in Stolac consists of five lodgings and six residential buildings, as well as a number of auxiliary economic facilities.

Access to the architectural housing unit is from the south, along the road upstream along Bregava, which leads from the center of Stolac to Begovina.

The complex starts with Ćuprija in Begovina, which is the youngest of the three larger stone bridges in Stolac. The parish was built at the end of the 18th or the beginning of the 19th century, in the period when the construction of the residential complex of the Rizvanbegović family began, after which the whole area of ​​Stolac was named Begovina. The parish in Begovina primarily enabled the connection of the houses of the Rizvanbegović family, positioned on both sides of the Bregava. Therefore, family members took care of its maintenance until the Austro-Hungarian occupation.

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