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Adventure park Pec Mlini

Peć Mlini has become a popular adventure park in western Herzegovina, where visitors can enjoy adrenaline-fueled fun, climbing routes, zip lines, and goat paths leading to waterfalls, all while exploring the vast Ravlića Cave where humans have lived since the Stone Age.

As the etymology of the name Peć Mlini suggests, it is characterized by natural caves and water-driven mills. Peć Mlini is situated in a sinkhole beneath a hill, into which the Vrljika River (Matica) flows from the west. This river runs through the entire Imotsko-bekijsko field, which is at a slightly higher elevation. After a large cave from which the river emerges once more, it is overhung by steep cliffs, and it is named Tihaljina. This name continues downstream, down to the vicinity of Klobuk, where it merges with the powerful source of Klokun. At this point, the river is named Mlade or Mlada and flows as such until it becomes the Trebižat River, named after the town it passes through. Finally, it flows into the Neretva River.

The names for different sections of this watercourse, which gains strength from numerous intermittent sources in the municipality of Posušje, then flows through the Imotska krajina region before returning to Bosnia and Herzegovina, vary from place to place.

One of the main attractions is the spectacular Ravlića Cave.

The Trebižat River is the only river in Europe that disappears underground nine times and reemerges like a phoenix from the humble Herzegovinian karst, each time stronger, together with its tributaries, transforming this part of Herzegovina into a fertile, cultivable plain, a divinely gifted area for life. It stretches from its source in Tihaljina to its mouth in Struge, where it flows into the Neretva, covering a distance of 50 kilometers. Along this course, it goes by various names (Culuša, Ričina, Brina, Suvaja, Matica, Vrlika, Tihaljina, Mlade, Trebižat). The river originates in an untouched natural area in the southwestern part of the municipality of Grude.

From Peć Mlini to Studenci, there were about ten picturesque mills that were powered by the Trebižat River, using all their might to turn the millstones used to grind the wheat into the finest, fragrant flour.

Local authorities recognized the immense potential of this tourist destination, and through the Adriatic Canyoning project, they have improved the area around Peć Mlini. They’ve created a footpath to the source of the Tihaljina River, built a large and renovated a small wooden bridge, organized and illuminated the Ravlića Cave, installed a Zip line starting from the Petnjik Hill above Peć Mlini, with two cables measuring 600 meters and 400 meters, set up a sports climbing site inside the Ravlića Cave, and created a Via Ferrata route along the “Cvitanjske stine” cliffs, approximately 300 meters long.

The “Adriatic Canyoning” project, with a total value of 1,879,251 euros, was funded by the “INTERREG IPA” cross-border cooperation program Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro 2014-2020. The main goal of the project is to strengthen and diversify the tourist offer in the Adriatic hinterland through a cross-border approach at the canyon sites of Borak (in the city of Široki Brijeg) and Peć Mlini (in the municipality of Grude) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Zrmanja canyon (in the city of Obrovac) and the Čikola canyon (in the city of Drniš) in Croatia, and the Orjen mountain (in the city of Herceg Novi).

The project aims to enable better management and sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage by creating a model for improved management, and equipping and promoting the aforementioned sites. The leading partner in this project is the city of Široki Brijeg, and the project partners are the municipality of Grude, the cities of Obrovac and Drniš in Croatia, and the Agency for the Development of the Zadar County “ZADRA NOVA” in Croatia, as well as the Agency for Development and Construction of Herceg Novi “AZIR” in Montenegro. The project started on July 1 and will conclude on December 31, 2019.

The Peć Mlini Adventure Park, as part of the Hercegovina Adventure Week held on September 27 and 28, 2019, was opened to visitors through the Adriatic Canyoning project. The park’s operating hours, as well as reservations and announcements for using the Zip line and Via Ferrata, can be found on their official website. It’s particularly exciting to see a large number of visitors from the Herzegovina region who have visited this location and enjoyed the content offered by this tourist destination in the short time since the park opened its doors.

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