Riding & Mountain Hiking

Departure Date



2 days 1 nights



Maximum Seats


Tour includes

Lunch in restaurant
Tour guide

Riding & Mountain Hiking

Meeting point:Campanile 1,Mostar 08;30am

Departure time: Goranci at 9:00am

Minimum number of entries: 2 persons, Maximum number of people in the group: 8 persons.

Season 01.05.-31.10.

Also available transfers from:MOSTAR, SARAJEVO, MAKARSKA, SPLIT,DUBROVNIK.
(Send request for transfer)

The first day of riding & mountain hiking starts from Goranci across the mountain road to nature park “Blidinje”.
Arrival at Blidinje.
Lunch: Traditional local cuisine.

Overnight stay at nature park “Blidinje”.

The second day

Hiking to mountain Čvrsnica:Top-Hajdučka vrata 2000 m.a.s.l.

Start time 10:00am.

The starting point for the climb is in Velika Vitlenica. Up to this point comes from the road leading from “Hajdučki Vrleti” to Risovac. After passing through this settlement, turn right to the macadam road. At the first next crossroads you should turn left and park on the extension, which is also the direction of the climb to Veliki Vilinac.

At the beginning of the track, the direction leads up to reach the peak in three hours. At first they walk through the woods, in a well-marked and well-marked hiking trail, and after about an hour and a half of the hike they come to the valley where there is a cattle hut that mountaineers can use if they find themselves in trouble during the weather or if they find them night or exhaustion on the mountain, because the hut is not locked.

Below is also a well-marked and well-made trail, from which continually provide unforgettable views, all the way to the intersection with the trail coming from Dive Grabovica. At the intersection you should turn left towards Crljenak Lake, and after 30 minutes you will reach the miracles of nature called Hajdučka Vrata, which runs over the canyon of Diva Grabovica.
The symbol of the “solid mountain” are the Hajdučka vrata (Haiduk door), a unique stone circuit that has been formed for thousands of years. To leave this mountain and not photograph at the Hajdučka vrata,  is straight blasphemy.

“Hajdučka vrata” are a natural phenomenon at Čvrsnica, which, besides its beauty, is astonishing and its position as it is located on the edge of a canyon of even 1800 meters deep. The legend says that there were proclaimed the outlaws “Hajduci”, and that one who goes through the “Hajdučka vrata” becomes bulletproof.

After end of tour we come back in Mostar.