Hiking in Bosnia & Herzegovina •Mountain Prenj

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3 Days 2 Nights



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Hiking in Bosnia & Herzegovina •Mountain Prenj

Mountain range: Prenj,

First day:

Starting point: canyon of Bijela-Mostar at 8.00 am

Objective: Gornja Bijela 475 masl

Weight degree: medium.

Walking time: 3 hours.

Second day:

Starting point: Rujište at 8.00 pm,

Objective: Jezerce 1.600 masl,

Weight degree: medium,

Walking time: 4 hours.

Third day:

Name of the tour: Jezerce,

Zelena glava (Green head) – the highest peak of Prenj (2.155 masl),

Walking time: 4 hours,


Minimum number of entries: 2 persons,

One guide up to: 6 persons,

Price per person: 195,00 €,

Bring with you:Sleep Bag,sun protect,Hiking boots,Longe sleeves

Difficulty in orientation: no,

Weight degree: medium.

Private tour will be organized for less than 2 people with a one-time surcharge of: 50 Eur/ day

A private tour will be organized for more than 6 people with a one-off charge of 50 €/day

Tour Overview

Day 1

Mostar - departure at 8.00 am

The track leads us through the white canyon, pebbled cave and meadows, and through the thick hornbeam woods beside the so-called Cows' caves to the remains of the former mountain shelters at 475 masl. From here it is possible to take the steep path to Glogovo and continue. In addition to the burned houses there is a cave (from which is a shallow stream) of a depth of 80 m and is galerically illuminated, at its end is a 10 m high waterfall, which is why it is worth a little wet and overheated ice water. The stream above this cave is called Gornja Bijela. In the summer of 2012, the route was fired and suffered significant damage to the woods and low vegetation by Glogova and Jasenjana. Lunch and sleep.
Day 2

Rujište - departure at 8.00 am

Jezerce is the farthest point of Prenj to which it is coming from the Rujište. It is the center of Prenja itself and its cult place. Because of its position and drinking water, mountain bikes are being held here, as most of the peaks of Prenja reach Jezerca. It is part of the Highland Hercegovinas transversal (VHT) KT 9. From the Rujište (1.050 masl) it goes to the Bijela voda (White Waters) 6.6 km (about 2 hours walking distance). Here is a Moundain house where you can stay overnight (PSD Prenj, Mostar) as well as the only water source along the way. The marked path leads further and races, first to the Green Head, then to the Green Head and the Jezerce (Lake). The trail passes by a part devastated by the avalanche and crosses the Prevorac 1.673 masl as the highest point on the route. At Jezerce is a mountain hut at 1.600 masl below the top of Taraš, which is being restored by a Highlanders club. After completing the route, lunch and overnight stay at one of the mountain huts.
Day 3

Departure at 8.00 am

Zelena glava (Green head) is the highest peak of Prenj and part of the Highland Herzegovinian transversal (KT 8). Along the house is an ever open mountain shelter. Bijele vode (White waters) is a good starting point for climbing to many other peaks of Prenj. From the mountain hut at the Rujište to the Adnan Krilić Mountain hut on the White Waters (KT 7), where is only well with drinking water, the track of about two hours of walk is a light slope and leads mostly through the beech forest. Later, with light slopes, the track leads to a rocky pond with a pond of up to 11 kilometers from where a steep climb starts with a underbush. The final climb of the pass between Otiš and Green head is secured by the steel cords. From the top they provide excellent views of the valley of Tisovica and beyond. The price does not include overnight stay on the Rujušte after the first day and transport. The price includes: guide, souvenir, shot with a Go Pro camera, sticks, lunch first day, second day and 3rd day, and dinner second day. On the 3rd day the price includes breakfast and lunch on the Mountain tour, not dinner.

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