Hiking in Bosnia & Herzegovina•Velika Vlajna

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Hiking in Bosnia & Herzegovina•Velika Vlajna

Top: Velika Vlajna, 1.780 metres above sea level (m a.s.l.),

Mountain range: Čabulja,

The climbing time to the top: 3 hours,

Difficulty in orientation: no,

Weight degree: medium,

Minimum entries: 2 people, maximum 10.

Price per person: 50,00 €,

2-3 persons, price is 50,00€ per person

4-6 persons, price is 40,00€ per person

Čabulja mountain is next to Velež, another mountain whose slopes are built by Mostar, and its highest peak is Velika Vlajna 1,780 m a.s.l. The trail is the final stage of the Highland Herzegovinian transversal (KT 21). The starting point for climbing on Velika Vlajna is from Bogodol 840 m a.s.l, 20 km west of Mostar, on the local asphalt road Cim-Goranci-Bogodol near the Bogodol Mountain hut. Bogodol can be reached by asphalt road from the direction of Široki Brijeg.

At about 5.5 km of light climb to 1.430 m a.s.l there is an artificial lake Gonđuša from which begins a steeper climb first through the beech forest and then a lowland rocky. From the top is a magnificent view of the Drežanka river canyon, a depth of 1,500 m. An alternative to shortening the trail and up to 2 hours is to pass another 3 km by the asphalt road from Bogodol, and turn right to a solid macadam road of length 3,5 km to the so-called. Vanjački put and new building from which it leads, also marked, a path to the Gonđuša.

From Kilava Beech (KT 20) 8 km west of the end of the asphalt on a poorer macadam road, it should lead to the top of Velika Vlajna as a part of the VHT that has not been excavated yet.

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