Canoeing - Trebizat

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1 Day



Maximum Seats


Canoe Tour includes

Tour guide

Canoeing in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Meeting point :Train station -Čapljina 09.30am
Start point:Božjak at 10am
Minimum  number of persons for registration:2 persons
Duration: 5 -6 hours.
End point:Struge
Season 01.06.-15.09.
Also available transfers from:MOSTAR, SARAJEVO, MAKARSKA, SPLIT,DUBROVNIK.
(Send request for transfer)
The price includes:
  • Transport of guests and equipment from the meeting point (Čapljina Train Station train station or Jaz – local public beach) to the starting point of the route
  • Kayak and accessories (paddles, lifevest, watertight bags)
  • Mandatory insurance
  • One or more guides – skippers (depends on the size of the group)
  • Meal including drinks


Canoeing in Bosnia & Herzegovina starts with the assistance of our experienced guides, you will learn how to use the paddles to steer the canoe in no time, as well as how to handle more demanding sections of the river. If you feel like dipping into the water or even playing Tarzan during the tour down the river, we will make sure to show you the best locations, so you can have a day to remember.

Of course, there will be breaks to rest your arms, stretch your legs, have a swim or justrelax. Combination of relaxing nature and exciting cascades makes this tour perfect for team building and excursions, and for the Robinson ones among you, we can organize several-day long tours.

Each canoe can hold two people, and each person gets: paddle, life vest and watertight bags for keeping your things safe and dry.

You will be most comfortable wearing shorts or bathing suit and neoprene shoes. Do not forget to bring a hat and some spare clothes to wear after (you will get wet as you go down the cascades), bottled water, sunglasses, sun screen and, of course – a camera.

Božjak/Studenci→ Struge (longer route) starts at Božjak/Studenci andis a bit more challenging being 12 km / 7.4 mi. long. In the initial part of this route the river flows in a single body of water, deep but tame – just perfect to warm up your muscles and for those less experienced to also practice the moves and manoeuvers. Due to absence of human factor in this part of its flow, the river kept all the features of magnificent pristine wilderness, a rare thing to see in other parts of Europe. In average it takes 5 to 6 hours from start to finish and being the more demanding route of the two, lunch break takes place at the half of the route so you can rest, relax and gather energy needed for the rest of the route.