Adventure tour •Beautiful Herzegovina

Departure Date

01 May - 15 Oct


7 Days 6 Nights



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Tour includes

Tour guide

Tour active from 01.05.2018. to 15.10.2018.


Tour Overview

Day 1

Departure: at 10.00 am

Tour the city Mostar Mostar and Herzegovina, inseparable from each other, have for centuries been at the intersection of kingdoms, empires and civilizations. Tour of Blagaj and Tekija. Tekija is Dervish monastery outside Mostar, which is almost 600 years old. Located at the foot of the cliff, along the source of river Buna, is a unique and picturesque series of buildings. Coming to Blagaj you will visit the beautiful ancient ruins of Stjepan town, old fortress walls that are high above Blagaj, built by Illyrian tribes many centuries ago. As we enter the fortresses with high walls, you will be left without words because you are witness to the panoramic beauty of the entire region below which flows both the Buna and Bunica rivers and the whole valley of Mostar. After cultural tours, we go to the Wine route of Herzegovina on Wine tour of Herzegovina wine and wine tasting and afterwards lunch listening to the story of wine production in Herzegovina.
Day 2

Departure: Buna, Mostar

Goal: Mogorjelo, 65 km long, easy ride. Departure time is at 8.00 am, there is no organized transfer, bicycle rental is not included in the price. Easy ride along the Neretva with a view of Počitelj, Čapljina and Mogorjelo. Arrival and lunch in Čapljina, then overnight in Čapljina in one of the offered accommodation units. One guide for up to 10 persons. Bike rental 15,00 €, if other equipment is required: please let us know beforehand. The price includes: lunch (local cuisine), souvenir, free video recording with the GoPro camera, equipment transport.
Day 3


Sightseeing of Mogorjelo, visit to Međugorje, swimming on Kravica and lunch. The tour can be organized on a daily basis (at least 4 persons). Included in the price: lunch, guide and guest transfer.
Day 4

Canue Safari Trebizat

Depart at 9.30 am. The price includes: transfer of guests and equipment from the meeting place (train station or city beach Jaz) to the starting point of excursion, equipment rental (canoe, bats, safety belts, waterproof bags), in case of colder weather: neoprene. Compulsory insurance, accompanied by one or more guides - skippers (one guide for up to 10 people). In the case of a group of more children and people, the price is corrected with the realized coupon but added to the guide. Lunch (traditional homemade cuisine) and a drink.
Day 5

Departing from Capljina

The road rises upstream. Departing at about 10.00 am to the old mills turned into Koćuša beach, in Peć Mlini - we will visit Cavtica cave. We will eat local food and listen to the story of Hercegovina area with archaeological discoveries. We will visit the Franciscan monastery at Humac to see the archaeological exhibition. After the end of the day we dine and go to Kupres. Overnight in the mountains of Herzegovina in Kupres.
Day 6

Kupres Mountain

We are on the Vran mountain. Departure at 9.00 am. Duration: 3 hours uphill to the top, view of the Kupres landscape and walk along the mountain forests, we tour mountain springs, lunch on the mountain and come back to the accommodation. Overnight in Kupres.
Day 7

Mountain morning

Transfer to your airport (included in the price ). Throughout the tour, the price includes a free Go Pro video recording, guides, equipment, every-day lunch. Overnight stay not included.