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Private tour in Bosnia & Herzegovina•Mostar -Kravice Waterfalls The Kravica waterfalls, often mistakenly called Kravice, is a large cascade on the river Trebižat in the karst center of Herzegovina. It is located 10 km south of Ljubuški and 40 km south of Mostar. Its height is 25 m and the diameter of the lake at the foot of the waterfall is 120 m.

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Above the Bijele polje, near Mostar, on the southern slopes of Mountain Prenj, on a large mountain slope, 1050 m is Ruište, a favorite place for hiking. It can be reached by asphalt road at 25 km from Mostar via the Bijele vode.

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The hiking starting point is the village of Diva Grabovica is located 35 km north of Mostar on the main road M-17. The main road separates the road to HE Grabovica which crosses the Neretva. After about 4.5 km of a solid macadam road we arrive at the hiking starting point of the route marked with info table at about 250 mNv. Diva Grabovica is a river in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Diva Grabovica is also a tiny village hidden in one of the valleys, the lowest on Mountain Čvrsnica, one of the highest mountains of our Homeland. Diva Grabovica, which attracts us with her beauty, can get one more letter in the mountaineer’s speech, so sometimes you heard “Divna Grabovica”.

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HERZEG`S THRONE ADVENTURESThe first station of this historical Herzeg`s throne adventures is Stolac(necropolis Radimlja, old town Vidoški) than we visit, waterfall "Koćuša".

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First day Place: Blagaj, Žitomislići, Počitelj and Kravica. Second day Location: Jablanica museum of World War 2, Blidinje Nature Park Third day Place: Boljuni necropolis, Radimlja necropolis and cave Vjetrenica

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Running through historical beauties in Mostar. Come and enjoy it!

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This tour combines, more one day tours, all over Hercegovina...Come and see all beautiful places...

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Hiking in Bosnia & Herzegovina •Mountain Prenj Jezerce is the farthest point of Prenj to which is coming from the Rujišta. It is the center of Prenja itself and its cult place.
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